Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cynthia and Lawrence Fox and their 4 children

Hi! Shop till you drop is what Windhoek is usually about! BUT this time we’ve decided to take it a little slower – there’s always SO MUCH to do and we have been feeling a bit overwhelmed and exhausted! So we are doing a few fun things and not just shopping and rushing back. We had a great camping trip – the location was AWESOME - the facilities were a little wanting but we still enjoyed ourselves. Winter is coming! Nights were COLD!

One of you who pray very faithfully asked who the Foxes were and were they from the USA – we’ve slipped up somewhere in keeping you informed! So let us fill you in properly!

Cynthia and Lawrence Fox and their 4 children are currently living in CA. They are from Oregon originally. They have been accepted by SIM and appointed to Tchincombe! YEAH! We met them last year when they came to NC for their SIM orientation. We had a great day together – too short. The kids got along very well! Lawrence will be heading up the mechanic end of things – a HUGE need for Tchincombe! Cynthia will be home schooling her kids and ours! We are very much looking forward to their coming to Tchincombe! With another family so many things could go forward – especially outreach to the preaching points! The expense of getting a family of 6 to the field is LARGE but not BIGGER than our God! So please pray for them as the raise support for monthly needs as well as outgoing expenses (vehicle, language study in Portugal, and airfare)! PRAY!!!!

Some of you have had messages bounce back from the Tchincombe address so if you have been having trouble getting through to us on OR we haven’t answered you please try .. UUPlus is looking into the problem!

We’ll head back to Angola the beginning of next week.

We have acquired an African Grey parrot – 10 weeks old – what a cutie – named him BP because we got him from the owners of the BP service station! Parrots are much more affordable this side of the ocean!!

With Love,

Donna & Stirling

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