Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dear Faithful Pray-ers!

Dear Faithful Pray-ers!

Whew - life never seems to slow down!

Stirling left as planned at 5 AM on Monday to load the heifers BUT the truck
didn't show up until Tuesday morning! They were loaded by 10 AM - as of 1
hour ago they are still in transit (26 hours on truck so far) to Cavango -
Stirling hopes to reach the mission by dark!

One of the sons of Twevenonga, a herdsman who is accompanying the heifers on
the truck, got himself a nasty wound just near his knee when he fell on a
stump yesterday. It seems that such things happen when our spouses travel!
We cleaned it out today and took out lots of splinters and will have to
clean it daily for a while. Pray for the boy and for Twevenonga.

Jonathan Holden was flown out to SA accompanied by his brother Paul. We
understand he has had at least two surgeries on his ankle. Pray for a good
recovery and for strength, stamina and peace for both of them!

We started tattooing calves yesterday - so far we've done 88.

Other things to remember:
*This afternoon - ladies meeting
*Sunday - preaching at Tchimbolelo (preaching point where we hoping to
establish a church)
*the logistics of getting Pastor Jacob & his family to Chiange.
*pray for me while Stirling is away for wisdom and discernment in dealing
with workers - yesterday I was informed of a difficult situation with one of
the workers and we will be meeting these next few days to decide what to do.

THANKS for praying!!!!!
Donna for all of us!

Stirling & Donna Foster
CP 33 Lubango, Angola, via Portugal

satellite phone:
870 (or 871) 76 252 5235

PO Box 7900, Charlotte, NC 28241

SIM Canada
10 Huntingdale Blvd, Scarborough, ON M1W 2S5

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