Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hi Dear Friends!

We had a great day canoeing with friends today!! It’s something we’ve wanted to do and hadn’t had the chance- so we did it today! It was really gorgeous and we all got a dunking out of it – except for Stirling! If you have the chance to ‘canoe the New’ then do!! (the New River)

We’re starting for Angola tomorrow morning! It’s 8:41 PM – and the bags are almost packed! We have to be at the airport at 4 AM and hurry to NY where we’ll then wait until our Jo’burg flight leaves at 5:20 PM! We’ll overnight in Jo’burg and fly to Windhoek on Thursday. In Windhoek we need a day or two to shop and get the vehicle ready for the drive up to Angola!

We return fully supported and needing only $4,400 to complete the car project!!

THANK YOU for your prayers and gifts that our trip back to Angola a reality!

Until the other side of the ocean!

Donna for all of us

PS Pray especially for Meghan as she has a pretty bad case of poison ivy on her legs so travel won’t be very comfortable!

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