Tuesday, February 12, 2013

 Tchincombe in the rainy season is lush and green!  Alfredo & his wife, Segunda, have taken on the task of gardening in Tchincombe's irrigated garden so that rain or no rain there will be green goodies for sale!

 Cynthia & the ladies hard at work studying the Bible!  

 Fran Gralow came to Tchincombe to do a writer's workshop to help produce materials in Olungambwe to be used in literacy!  The idea is that by the time the Bible is ready the people will be able to read it!

Aimee & Megan doing Sunday school!


 Did you bring something for us?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Some of our adventures of May- June 2010

Gee Mom, I was some water too! The elephants love the fresh water that comes from the pipe.

What an amazing sight! Leopard - best sighting we've had in 20 years!

The Secretary Bird is an awesome creature - we saw this one at Etosha but we do have them in Angola.

Ladies Bible & Literacy Study group at Tchincombe (Cristina, Segunda, Cipungeiwo, Palmira, Donna, Teresa, Mwecicilia)

Brenda and Brandon driving the Kanga!

Everyone lends a hand - packaging the mince.

Brandon enters into the adventure of getting meat into the freezer! You can see why I love shopping in Windhoek or USA at the meat counters!

Turning meat into mince (in southern Africa it's mince not hamburger)

Many years of planning and work! MAF lands at Tchincombe!

Awaken visits Tchincombe! Luke, Eric, Meera, & Janess bring greetings. A 3 language service! English to Portguese (Donna) to Olungambwe (Alfredo).

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A tall fence!
First Post in the ground!
Next - more posts!
Gate at southern boundary

Putting up gate posts!

Finished Sections of Fence

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Family & Fun Photos from Tchincombe

Lubango! Looking good! The physical effects of war are slowly fading!

Who? Me? I didn't do it!

Ruger thinks Tchincombe beef is yum even if he only gets the drippings!

It's a good thing that Stir loves his Landy because he spends lots of time in it!

Meat delivery! It comes right to the door! You know what? I really like going to grocery store and buying it already packaged!

One of our new horses - we named her Lady.


Our BP. "What ya doin', huh?" Is his favorite phrase!

Babs, Meghan's cat, earning her keep!

Meghan, Aimee, McKenna and Riley

Fun in the sand! At Tchincombe we have sand but no beach!

Meghan with McKenna & Riley who visited Angola this summer. What a special thing to be able to be with them now in Greensboro. It's an answer to Meghan's prayers!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tattooing Calves

Each year at weaning time the new calves must be disbudded, castrated, dewormed, branded and tattooed! Each animal at Tchincombe gets a number. It's quite the rodeo! Enjoy!

Calves waiting in calf pen for their turn! Once they are done they can get to their mom for their breakfast!

Catching the Calf

Holding the calf

Cleaning the ear with alcohol

Tutyiale - foremen for livestock

Tattoo machine


Applying Tattoo Ink

Dewormer so calves can grow healthy without internal parasites. Meghan likes to help. Sometimes it's a messy job!

Disbudding. So the calf won't grow horns. Safer for everyone!

All done! Finally the calf can get to its Mom! This particular calf is too young to wean - it was born at end of season and will be weaned next year.